When My Mind Is Not Live

Hello again,

Holy, have I really not updated this Mother since December 22? What has happened to my internet work ethic? Forgive me, seriously, I won’t go that long again….Appy-polly-logies.

Well, when I haven’t been updating this blog I have been doing quite a number of other interesting projects. First off, my radio show, which is a weekly 2 hours of heavenly bliss on Missoula, Montana’s KBGA 89.9, has turned into a sort of 60’s Psychedelic, Garage, Freakbeat, and Sun-Soaked Psych-Folk specialty show that I have been putting some real hard country back-breaking work into and it seems to be shaping up nicely. So far, the critics,  are just lapping it up.  I have been enjoying focusing my show on a few genres and decades of music rather than your everyday radio SmörgÃ¥sbord chock full of lord-knows-what. So, since I’ve been spending a whole bunch of extra time compiling radio shows of the highest quality I am probably not going to take the extra time to edit those shows down in order to paste bite-size little tasty nuggets of mixes up here, but will rather post my radio shows  up here in their entirety, weekly,  with warts and all. And KBGA should be streaming relatively soon, so you can tune in live if you’d like.

Sister, let me tell you, I have had some horrible ear problems lately. A little over a month ago I was at work, getting a sup of water, when a slow ring began in my right ear. The ring increased in volume and spread slowly across my head until it filled my left ear as well. Then, without any forewarning whatsoever, a wall of ear wax came down within both of my ears and my hearing was cut in half, literally, I felt shut out. My head was buzzing with a high-pitched scream and I had to strain to hear anyone speaking, all within an hour. The next day I went to the doc and he washed my ears out and got rid of the wax, and my hearing got better, but the ringing stayed. Two weeks passed and I was still ringing, I’d fall asleep with a ringing and open my eyes to it as well. I went back to the doc and he said whoa, weird, and prescribed me anti-depressants…both to allow me to deal with the anxiety of a buzzing head, and to alleviate stress and depression which can oftentimes lead to people hearing ringing noises in their heads. I popped the pills each night and felt nothing positive come from them, I dropped them after a week. On my next visit  Doc threw up his hands and said I needed a specialist, I left defeated and with visions of a lifetime of ringing ears before me. It’d been a whole month, and I’d been living day to day with screams in my ears at all moments, Tinnitus is a real mother-f. Anyway, this story is a work in progress as the ringing is still in my ears and  I am now seeking treatment at an acupuncturist. Yesterday was my first acupuncture treatment and I’ve got an optimistic feeling about the future potential of these treatments. I had a bunch of needles stuck in and around my ears,  a few scattered around my body, especially my feet, and then the lights were dimmed and I laid there and listened to soothing oriental music for a half an hour before I was flipped over and had the same thing done to the backside of me. I’ve also been given some special tea and pills. We’ll see what happens, I’ll let you know.

I’ve been spending hours and hours dealing with thousands and thousands of classical LPs. Day, over at the vintage vinyl revival, came into possession of a ridiculously large and amazing classical LP collection some years ago and has kept the collection in storage, its’ own storage space, since acquiring it. The collection came from an older gentleman who passed away and left it in the care of his family. His family was clueless as to what to do with 3, 000 classical records and thus tried to give them to KBGA college radio, where Day was employed at the time. Our small radio station couldn’t handle that many records, and anyway, we don’t really play much classical, so Day, looking to save the collection from a less than noble fate, agreed to take the collection and deal with it personally. He started the daunting task of moving the collection and building shelving and eventually got every record settled and started putting out his feelers for a potential home for the collection. The years passed and the collection sat, no one wanted it or could handle it. The library couldn’t house or catalogue the collection and the radio stations didn’t want it. Now the collection has been passed down to me and is sitting in storage in specially built shelving beneath the bakery I work at. Apart from moving the whole collection, and building shelving for it, both of which were huge processes that Day kindly helped me with, I have also been slowly cataloging it and putting certain selections on ebay.  It’ll be a daunting process to get through the whole collection, and it is going to take a lot of time, but maybe I’ll find some gems in there that may make this vinyl adventure more than worth the time.  Here is my ebay page if you want to see what I’ve got for sale. I also take requests. Oh, and I have started listening to more classical music now….it’s amazing, you just have to wade through and find the right stuff.

and now for some bullets:

  • If you ever need to take pictures of records for ebay build one of these
  • I am reading a novel called “Car” by Harry Crews…It’s outrageous…watch this interview, he is amazing.
  • Do you like pictures of ghosts?, I do.
  • my favorite 60’s psyche blog
  • Today’s top posts on DIGG
  • Athletic Prowess, Let’s Begin. (is this funny?)
  • I drive a miniature van.

OK, here is a radio show from last week that seemed to be a good one. Tonight I am doing an all 45rpm show that should be a lot of fun and I hope to post that soon as well.

See You Later, Collin

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Eric Burdon & the Animals “I’m An Animal” from Love Is (1968)
The Blues Project “Fly Away” from Projections 12 ALBUM (Verve Forecast 1966)
Them “If You and I Could Be As Two” from The Angry Young Them (Decca 1965)
The Mops “San Franciscan Nights” from Psychedelic Sounds in Japan (1968)
The Status Quo “When My Mind Is Not Live” from Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo (Pye 1968)
Herbal Mixture/The Groundhogs “Machines” from Please Leave My Mind SINGLE (1997)
Fenwick “Mindrocker” SINGLE
The Who “Armenia City In The Sky” from The Who Sell Out CD ALBUM (MCA 1968)
Donovan “Celeste” from sunshine superman (Epic 1966)
The Hombres “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)” from Lit it out “let it all hang out SINGLE (Verve Forecast 1967)
The Outsiders “Don’t You Worry About Me” from strange things are happening (RPM Records UK 2005)
The 13th Floor Elevators “With You” from Bull Of The Woods (1969)
The Kinks “See My Friends” SINGLE
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band “Ink Mathematics” from Ice Cream For Crow (Virgin Records 1982)
Eric Burdon & the Animals “Ring Of Fire” from Love Is (1968)
Shadows of Knight “Dark Side” from Gloria (Dunwich 1966)
Them “You Just Can’t Win” from The Angry Young Them (Decca 1965)
J.K. and Co. “Christine” from Suddenly One Summer (sundazed 1969)
Bill Fay “Screams In The Ears” from Bill Fay (1971)
Gary Higgins “Thicker Than A Smokery” from Red Hash CD (Drag City 1975)
The 13th Floor Elevators “Splash 1 (Demo)” from The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators CD (Fuel 1965)
Eric Burdon and War “Spill The Wine” from Eric Burdon Declares “War” (1970)

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  1. Alex wrote:

    Hey I just want to say nice work. I do college radio as well in binghamton, ny. Where do you get your material from? You’ve got some real deep cuts here.

    Monday, April 27, 2009 at 5:21 pm | Permalink
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