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Discreet Music

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] MP3 Hi. Read This Been listening to this beautiful piece a lot lately. Collin Brian Eno / Discreet Music

Nothing to lose but all to gain

Hi. I am going to hit you with a barrage of posts this week and this first one features an album that my friend Day (Vintage Vinyl Revival) lent to me the other week after I had heard a few songs off it. This album, “nothing to lose but all to gain”, 1978, by Hansadutta […]

‘ Hi. If you are in Missoula this might be a nice way to spend a night…I’ll be doing a short solo set and so will Day, the curator of Vintage Vinyl Revival. Oh, and aside from the two short sets, we will also be doing a tag-team, call-and-response set together for the remainder of […]