with all the tolls we pay


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  • Os Brazoes “Pega a Voga Cabeludo” from Os Brazões  (Thorns Backtrack Archive 1969)
  • Los Dug Dug’s “IT’S OVER” from Los Dug Dug’s  (Sony 1971)
  • 3 Hur-el “Pembelikler” from 3 Hur-el  (Guerssen 1974)
  • Os Brazoes “Tão Longe de Mim” from Os Brazões  (Thorns Backtrack Archive 1969)
  • Spiritual Singers “Nzo A Dise” from Ntsamina 1 (Mississippi 2009)
  • Michael Yonkers “Goodby Sunball”  (My 1974)
  • The Beach Boys “I’d Love Just Once to See You” from Wild Honey (Capitol Records 1967)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex “Like a White Star, Tangled and Far, Tulip That’s What You Are” from Unicorn (Regal Zonophone 1969) LYRICS
  • The New Dawn “We’ll Fall In Love” from There’s a New Dawn  (Jackpot Records 1968)
  • Pride “In The Wilderness” from  (Fantazia 1970)
  • Bill Callahan “Transforming Dub” from Have Fun With God  (Drag City 2014)
  • Larry Rice “Listen Sister” from Here’s Sunshine (Backbeat 1969)
  • Beau “1917 Revolution” from Beau  (Dandelion 1969)
  • Jim Ransom “It’s So Profound” from Wayfaring Strangers – Lonesome Heroes  (The Numero Group 2009)
  • John Martyn “Go Easy” from Bless The Weather  (Island 1971)
  • Wizz Jones “When I Cease To Care” from The Legendary Me  (Village Thing 1970)
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival “Bad Moon Rising” from Chronicle – The 20 Greatest Hits (Universal 1976)
  • The Travel Agency “She Understands” from The Travel Agency  (Viva 1968)
  • United Travel Service “Wind And Stone”  (Break-A-Way Records 1966)
  • David Blue “It Tastes Like Candy” from David Blue (Rhino/Elektra 1966)
  • Them “Mighty Like A Rose” from Backtrackin’ (London 1974)
  • Michael Yonkers “Swamp of Love” from Goodby Sunball  (My 1974)
  • Michael Yonkers Band “Puppeting” from Microminiature Love  (De Stijl Records 2003)
  • The Paisleys “Cosmic Mind At Play”  (Psycho 2003)
  • Michael Yonkers Band “Returning” from Microminiature Love  (De Stijl Records 2003)
  • Ron Elliott “All Time Green” from The Candlestickmaker  (Warner Bros. 1970)
  • The Gosdin Brothers “The Victim” from Sounds of Goodbye  (capitol 1967)
  • Gene Clark & The Gosdin Brothers “Tried So Hard” from Gene Clark With the Gosdin Brothers  (Columbia 1967)
  • Relatively Clean Rivers “Hello Sunshine” from Relatively Clean Rivers  (Radioactive 1974)

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  1. Beau wrote:

    Sincere thanks guys for including my “1917 Revolution” in your new offering. It’s a truly great show, and that’s a superb sleeve pic for those who want to burn a keepie! All the best…

    Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 3:01 am | Permalink
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