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Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S Bounty
“Things (Goin’ Round In My Head)” (Time Stood Still Records 1985)
The Birds “NEXT IN LINE” from A Collector’s Guide To Rare British Birds
Thane Rusal + Three “Security” from The Perfumed Garden II (Psycho 1982) #
The Sorrows “Baby (Previously Unissued Take)” from Take A Heart (Castle 1965) #
Syndicate of Sound “BIG BOSS MAN” from Little Girl 745RPM SINGLE (Bell Records 1966) #
The Sonics “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” from Boom CD ALBUM (Norton 1966) #
The Fabulous Depression “I Can’t Tell You” 745RPM SINGLE  #
The Zombies “I Don’t Want To Know” from The Zombies – The Original Studio Recordings, Vol. 3 CD (Marquis Enterprises Ltd 2007) #
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band “CALL ON ME” from Safe As Milk (Budda 1967) #
The Staffs “Another Love” SINGLE (Pa-Go-Go 1966) #
The Kynds “So, If Someone Send Your Flowers, Babe” SINGLE (Mo-Foag 1968) #
All Of Thus “WALK ON BY” from All of Thus (Rockadelic 1966) #
Robb London “GLORIA” from Gloria 745RPM SINGLE (Beckingham 1968) #
Diamond Joe “Fair Play” SINGLE  #
The Paisleys “Smokey Windows” from Cosmic Mind At Play (Sundazed Music 2003) #
Skip Bifferty “Guru” from Skip Bifferty (RCA 1970) #
Beauregard Ajax “Loneliness Is A Sometimes Thing” from Deaf Priscilla (Shadoks 1966) #
Question Mark “LOVE” from Be Nice To The People (Shadoks Music 1974) #
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family “FEELING GOOD” from My Ancestors (Chris Edition) #
The Kinks “So Mystifying” from Kinda Kinks (Marble Arch 1965) #
Maitreya Kali “COUNTRY GIRL” from Apache (Shadoks 1969) #
Maitreya Kali “Ice and Snow” from Apache (Shadoks 1969) #
Merry Airbrakes “Frog Song” from Merry Airbrakes (1973) #
F. J. Mcmahon “Sister Brother” from Spirit of The Golden Juice (Accent 1969) #
Bob Dylan “I Am a Lonesome Hobo” from John Wesley Harding (Columbia 1967) #
Mark Levine “Miller’s Crossing” from Pilgrim’s Progress (hogfat 1968) #
Michael Hurley and Holy Modal Rounders & Jeffrey Fredericks and The Clamtones “JackKnife / The Red Newt” from Have Moicy! (Rounder Records 1976) #
Click Horning “Crazy Hannah” from Click (ABC 1968) #
Jim Sullivan “Plain As Your Eyes Can See” from U.F.O. 12LP33RPM ALBUM (Light In The Attic 2010) #
Tony, Caro and John “Apocalypso” from All on the first day  (Gaarden 1972) #
Hickory Wind “THE LONER” from Hickory Wind (1972)

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