Little Black Egg With The Little White Specks


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Seems like all I’ve wanted to listen to for the last few weeks is lo-fi garage rock, the more mood the better. This mix starts out with some of the cream of the crop for me. A lot of truly haunting songs from bands that have almost completely faded into obscurity, many of them only releasing a few 45’s in their day anyway.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to the song “My Girl” by The Vandals over the last week. After the spooky garage rock tunes we head into a short set of psych songs featuring The Autoharp, an incredible instrument with a beautifully eerie quality that was used by a number of psych-folk bands in the 60’s. Lastly, we round it out with a couple of folk tunes, including one by the Legendary Missoula artist JR Rummel. (thanks to VVR for the Mp3!). Hope you are well, collin

Artist / Song (most of these are singles, culled from 45rpm records)

  • The Smubbs / Down On The Corner / 1966
  • The Younts Bros., Inc. / Love Is A Game / 1967
  • The Cobras / I’m Hurtin’ / 1964
  • The Vandals / My Girl / 1967 (My Jam!)
  • Gordon / Send for Me / 196?
  • The Distortions / Can You Tell? / 196?
  • Tresa Leigh / Until Then / 196? (Makes you wanna die!)
  • The Juniors / Lost Friend / 196?
  • The Music Explosion / Little Black Egg / 1967
  • The Nightcrawlers / The Last Ship / 1967
  • Joe Diamond / Fair Play /1963  (This is a soul number, but check out that autoharp! what a tune!)
  • The Electric Prunes / Big City / Underground
  • The Folklords / Jennifer Lee / 1968
  • Jake Holmes / Signs of Age / The Above Ground Sound of…. (get this album!)
  • JR Rummel / Montana Blue / 197?


  1. VVR wrote:

    Dood. Great moody psych set! Where you gettin’ these rarities? The Rummel fits pretty well to cap it off. I’ve played the heck out of that track and still can’t get enough. Glad it’s getting more legs.

    I actually just picked up an autoharp of my own, and have been strumming it a little. Great instrument that any numbskull can play – though I’m sure it takes a bit to master. One day though I’ll be sitting on my porch with my dog and yodeling along to my autoharp. Ahh.. That’ll be the life.

    I’ve been ripping some of your mixes and putting them on my iPoop. Thanks for the road tunes. Keep it up!


    Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 5:44 pm | Permalink
  2. Collin wrote:

    I’ve been on the hunt for moody psych-garage tunes for awhile now. 60’s garage rock isn’t necessarily my favorite, what with the usual shitty recording quality and some seriously poor musicianship, but I love when the songs are slower, have a bit more mood to them, toss in some raw lo-fi drums and guitar and the songs seem to take on an incredible weight and sincerity. I pretty much scoured my collection and a number of 60’s garage sites for this current mix…I’m not even done with it though, i have so many more unsorted tunes I need to get through.

    Dude, autoharp! That is rad! I need to get one of those too..we could start an autoharp yodeling duo and play porches all over small-town montana. Was it pricey?

    Hope the road trip goes well…swinging by missoula?

    Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 9:14 pm | Permalink
  3. Collin wrote:

    And that rummel tune is unreal! I love it! I actually have been posting on craigslist in an attempt to find an original copy of that mother…nothing yet….not a word! RARE!

    Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 9:17 pm | Permalink
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