There’s More To Living Than I Know So Far


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  1. The Fallen Angels “Something You Can Hide” from It’s A Long Way Down (Roulette 1968)
  2. The Left Banke “Barterers And Their Wives” from There’s Gonna Be a Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-69 CD (Mercury 1992
  3. The Zombies “Remember You” from zombie heaven
  4. The Vejtables “Anything” from Feel…The Vejtables (sundazed 1995)
  5. Fifth Flight “Sugar Mountain” from Into Smoke Tree Village (Century Records 1970)
  6. Dave Morgan “I”ll Wind” from Morgan (Ampex 1971)
  7. Kaleidoscope “The Sky Children” from Tangerine Dream CD ALBUM (Repetoire 1967) LYRICS!
  8. Euphoria “World” from A Gift From Euphoria (Rev-Ola 1969)
  9. Linda Rich “There’s More” from There’s More to Living Than I Know so Far (IVR 1969)
  10. The Search Party “Speak To Me” from Montgomery Chapel (1969)
  11. Linda Rich “Things” from There’s More to Living Than I Know so Far (IVR 1969)
  12. Peter Grudzien “Innocents” from Unicorn (1974)
  13. The Fallen Angels “A Horn Playing On My Thin Wall” from The Roulette Masters Vol. 2
  14. Kaleidoscope “Please Excuse My Face” from Tangerine Dream CD ALBUM (Repetoire 1967)
  15. The Fallen Angels “I’ll Drive You From My Mind” from It’s A Long Way Down
  16. Mandrake Memorial “Hiding” from puzzle (Poppy 1970)
  17. The Left Banke “Evening Gown” from There’s Gonna Be a Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-69


Thanks to everyone that has decided to sign up for subscriptions to this site recently…it’s kind of neat and makes me actually believe that a few people listen to these posts every now and again. Oh, and I  am going to eventually update the link section one of these days, do you want in? I’ll do it.

I am thinking about getting a new pair of headphones, a damn good pair, do you have any recommendations? I was thinking about getting another pair of Grado Headphones, maybe these, but I need to do a bit more research I suppose before I drop bookoo bucks. The pair I have right now, also Grado, have been very good to me but are over ten years old and are starting to break down a bit and I’ll take any excuse to buy new headphones.

Well, I’m sure you’ll dig this set of music up above. It’s kind of an amalgamation of music I have discovered over the last few weeks. The Fallen Angels album, “It’s a Long Way Down”, gets heavy rotation in this set as it is one of the most amazing albums I’ve come across in quite awhile. There is a relatively inexpensive reissue out there that is worth getting.



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  1. VVR wrote:

    Damn. Who are these people? Great set: very original — funny how that is, despite the vintage.

    Monday, January 11, 2010 at 3:07 pm | Permalink
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