Thicker Than A Smokey From A Factory Stack

Poached Deer

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This deer above was poached near my house a few days ago. I heard the shot, saw the deer die, saw the illegal hunters on the side of the hill, and called I-800-TIP-MONT and reported the sunsabitches to the warden. The hunters saw me, I guess, because they didn’t come down and try to claim the deer which now lay dead in front of me. The warden was excited, a real live crime happening, and on the way up the road he took the time to write down the license plate of a vehicle parked about a mile down the road. He drove up to my house and I hurriedly gave him the facts, he jumped back in his truck and sped down the road. An hour or so later he called me and told me he got the guys, some college kids, and now he was going to make them gut the deer (but they can’t keep it), show him where they shot the deer from, and hand them down some fines for illegally shooting firearms (you can only bow hunt around here), trespassing, and failure to wear hunter’s orange. I got the guys.

I wasn’t able to record last weeks’ show so I took the time to assemble a mix on the computer here. The new studio at KBGA is running and looks downright gorgeous. We’ve got a new board, new cabinetry, and a cool hiding place for the turntables so they don’t get damaged needles any more.  This mix would be a good one for headphones, what with some subtle soft dreamy downer psych and some sweet orchestrated parts within. I am absolutely obsessed with the band, “Gandalf”, who have two tracks in this mix….hunt that album down if you can.



Been listening to a lot of early Dylan these days.


The Beatles / Ticket to Ride/ Help! 1963

Bobby Callender  / Rainbow / Rainbow 1968

Murray Head / She Was Perfection / We Can Fly Vol. 3

Paul Parrish / The Forest of My Mind / The Forest of My Mind 1968

Food / Lady Miss Ann / Forever is a Dream 1968

Can Am des Puig / Hear The Voice of Bard / Book of AM 1970

Gandalf / Hang On To A Dream / Gandalf 1968

J.K. And Co. / Christine / Suddenly One Summer  1969

Wind In The Willows/ Moments Spent / The Wind In The Willows 1969

Food / Forever Is A Dream / Forever Is A Dream 1968

Gandalf / Me About You / Gandalf 1968

America / Here/ America 1972

Gary Higgins / Thicker Than A Smokey / Red Hash 1975

Andy Zwerling / Words to This Song / Spiders in the Night 1971

Jake Holmes / Signs of Age / The Above Ground Sound 1967


  1. dave wrote:

    thanks for the recent posts… keeping me alive here at work!

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 3:35 pm | Permalink
  2. Just finished listening to the set… Wow, you’ve out done yourself my friend. Great stuff.

    I just made a post over at the VVR bitching about the Beatles, and here you are starting off your set with them… But then you go and follow them up with all of these great largely unknown artists – just the types I’m talking about who have been overshadowed by the Beatles. It’s fitting enough that I updated my post to link here.

    Love, love me some young Bobby Dylan. Just the early stuff though, I agree.

    Great to hear about KBGA’s new digs and that things are going good.

    PS, good work mighty citizen in catching those poachers. Too bad you couldn’t skin it out and package the meat yourself. Such a waste.


    Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 4:16 pm | Permalink
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