Millions of Millions

Deer, Fifty Mountain Campsite, Glacier NP

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Above we see a picture of a deer sneaking near my campsite in order to A) steal a piece of clothing with my sweat soaked into it, or gnaw on it, B) find a puddle of salty urine from which to lap, or C) give me the heebie-jeebies as I lay in my tent wondering what that sound might be. The correct answer is all of the above.

I finally got my big summer backpacking trip in a few weeks ago. Some friends and I did six nights in Glacier National Park on a route known as “The North Circle”. The route  was incredibly scenic throughout, almost more so than any other I’ve done, the skies were perfectly crisp and blue and fall colors had just begun to appear. We saw an amazing number of mountain goats, a black bear momma with her cub (she stood on her hind legs and checked us out, we stood poised for action), a wolf, a ram, crazy deer, a fat ass marmot that looked too big to be a marmot, some birds of prey, possibly an eagle, and maybe some others, sorry if I forgot you. Anyway, it was a near flawless trip with the only downside (possibly up for my hiking partners) being that my thermamest emptied itself out about every two hours throughout the night which makes for some troubling sleep.  Here are a few various photos from various days during the trip.

This last weekend was the KBGA Birthday Bash, our twelfth birthday. The night was ’50s themed so I did my best to look like a kid from the 1950s who was up to no good, but I ended up with more of a late ’60s man-child look.  I did two live DJ sets of late ’50s / early ’60s rock and roll and the crowd even danced for a while, which had never really happened to me before while DJing, usually everyone is slightly reserved and I stand there stroking my chin in between songs. I’m thinking about trying to do those sets live on KBGA this coming week since I didn’t even really touch most of the material I had selected for the night, so if that happens I’ll post a link for you. The whole Birthday Bash was rad and I feel so lucky to be able to be part of a radio station like KBGA. The last band at the birthday bash, Monotonix, was one of the most insane and unique shows to ever come through Missoula and Day over at Vintage Vinyl Revival wrote up a great review with pictures and video that you should definitely check out…Missoula is not likely to see a show like this again anytime soon.

In a few weeks time I am heading to Seattle for a few days in order to see The Fleet Foxes and do some old fashioned record shopping. I’ve heard so many people give rave reviews on The Fleet Foxes live show and I have listened to their self-titled album quite a bit, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing them. The last time I was in Seattle must have been when I was ten years old or so. I remember seeing a picture of myself from this trip where I was wearing a fluorescent green wind jacket and little flip down john lennon-esque sunglasses standing on a pier somewhere…aside from that picture, and men throwing fish, I remember nothing about Seattle…it should be good to be there, it’ll be like the first time.

Well, here is an edited version of my radio show from last week. I think you’ll like this mix…It’s pretty rocking and bad ass, but also has some tender moments hidden within.  Also, there are a few tracks from The Conet Project in this mix and I highly suggest tracking that down for yourself on the web because it is cool and weird.

Bye, Collin

Artist / Album / Song

Faust / Faust / It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl

The Conet Project / The Conet Project / German Lady

Glenn Branca / Lesson Number One / Lesson #1 For Electric Guitar

Neu! / Neu! ’75 / Isi

The Books / Music for a French Elevator / Millions of Millions

Tom Verlaine / Dreamtime / Deep Penetration

The Association / Insight Out / Never My Love

The Beau Brummels / Bradley’s Barn / Turn Around

The Conet Project / The Conet Project /

Akron/Family / Eskimo / There You Are

The 13th Floor Elevators / The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators / Splash 1 (alternate)

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  1. Larry Here wrote:

    Beautiful Glacier shots – looks like a very special time! And I’m enjoying this mix right now, too. ipod bound, I think.. Keep posting.

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 10:36 am | Permalink
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