Monthly Archives: November 2007

Live, Raw, Tuesday Night, 2007, Missoula, MT, America

A highlight reel of my set Hey, here is the entire 3 hour set of Day and Collin nuking KBGA DJ night that i told you about. It doesn’t get much better, friends, than spending a Tuesday night in Missoula, MT at the KBGA DJ night at the local billiards hall. My friend Day and [...]

I Was Buddy Holly

I have always liked Buddy Holly and whenever I listen to any of his songs I get the sort of warm feelings that come along with remembering something from the past fondly, such as childhood. My father has always been a Holly fan and when the CD player broke in my parents mini-van, which I [...]

Are You Hung Up?

Well, so, yesterday my halloween radioshow ideas became all scrambled and I threw my hands up in the air and gave in to my most basic instinct, that is, to do a 2 hour all Frank Zappa Halloween Extravaganza. I spent all of my high school years only, I mean only, listening to FZ and [...]