Monthly Archives: May 2007

A Place Where the Masses Elevate Fools into Rich Heroes

Hello- I am not going to lie, the news does get me down, but I still continue to read it. Each morning when I wake I raise the blinds, turn the kettle on for hot water, and sit at the computer and log on to Most of what I come across is absolute trash….”Cadet’s [...]

Put Yourself in My Place(for just a little while)

Hi. It’s been a second since I have posted a new mix due to the fact that I’ve been traveling a little bit over the last two weeks. I made it Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, and New Jersey ladies and gentlemen. It was a whirlwind tour, but a refreshing one and now I [...]


F. Zappa- Waka/Jawaka Hi. I had planned to put up a mix this week but things got a little hectic and I have work in 20 minutes and I am leaving for Philadelphia tomorrow, so I thought I would just stick up one of my favorite F. Zappa jams. phew.  I have this doomsday/apocalyptic mix [...]