Monthly Archives: April 2007

Not Just Another Drop in the Ocean

Hi. These last days in Burlington have been absolutely gorgeous…bright, hot days, and I even slept with the window open. I have been having a problem with mice lately. Starting a few weeks ago I started waking up hearing little feet scuttling about in my ceiling. At first I was in denial, but after a [...]


Tropicalismo! or, download mix #6 Hi. Looks as if another nor’easter is heading my way tonight, damn it all, so I decided to hunker down this sunday and post a hot new mix I’ve been dreaming of. Back in November I came across a compilation called, “Tropic├ília: A Brazilian Revolution in Sound“, and I was [...]

Kurt Vonnegut Jr! (1923-2007)

“[Music] makes practically everybody fonder of life than he or she would be without it” One of my absolute favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut, passed the other day. Here is the story, “Harrison Bergeron”, from the excellent collection of short stories, “Welcome to the Monkey House”. Part 1 Part 2

We Are With You In Your Anger

SIDE A SIDE B Hi. So. Here is a true to life rock/punk-rawk mix (best played loud) to keep things moving on this rainy monday . Last week I thought I had enough time/energy to put together a full-length, fifty-minute rock mix, but I failed miserably and here instead, is a nice bite-size twenty-minute powerhouse [...]